First: it was a crazy, busy (but controlled) domestic day. Simon has been out since first thing this morning, painting batts, putting them on the house, cutting the window and door trim, putting it up, getting the rest of our fencing – and goddess knows what else. He’s been a demon of productivity. It makes my contribution look small – but hey – I did what needed to be done: four loads of laundry, cleaning, vacuuming the house and RV, baking bread, shopping and lastly, the most fun part of the day: weeding and watering the garden. Oh yes – also foot care. I’m hiking again tomorrow and my feet took a beating this weekend.

So – feet are my first reflection of the day. I love my La Sportivas. Unfortunately, the more I wear them, the more they hurt my feet. Two things (I think). First, they are just a tiny bit too big. Maybe half or even quarter size. That allows my feet to move in them just enough to create hot spots and soreness, especially on the downhill. I did serious foot care this afternoon. I thought a lot about hiking footwear. And so I should. Given the amount of walking I do and my experience with boots, this is important. No other item of gear comes even close in importance to great footwear.

I’ve had it all: Raichles were my preferred boot when I first discovered hiking at age 30. They were great but at the same time, not perfect. I went through boots and then was convinced to try lightweight shoes. They had their upsides: soft, gentle, good to my feet – but they fell apart quickly, were never waterproof and thin soles hurt my feet.

So I went back to boots. My Lowas were probably the most comfortable boots I have ever owned but they fell apart in 18 months. Then I tried Meindls – awesome but over time, not as comfy as the Lowas and they too, after two years, seem to be ending their lifespan. La Sportivas are built like nothing I have seen before but perhaps they are a bit too heavy and stiff for my feet.

So the question is, now what? I am inclined to try Lowas again – and anything else I can find that I have not tried before. Foot comfort is everything. I am open to seeing what is out there that will work with my feet.

Whew! Who would have thought that my feet would occupy so much space and time in a blog?

Other reflections: a growing sense of well-being that is taking me a bit by surprise. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I suspect I am beginning to find a space where my life is making sense again. It’s early days – just the beginnings. But I think it has a good deal to do with leaving the past behind, turning the page, living in the present and being open to a very different future. Not to mention that the glimmerings of the future I see are looking intriguing.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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