No – not the butter you spread on bread – the butter that is a gnarly but chiefly beautiful mountain-bike but also multi-use trail up to the top of the mountain at Roseberry. I have no idea the name of the mountain – just the trail.

Simon and I took the puppies today and it was purely awesome. It happened like this: I was going to go alone. I made a sandwich and prepared to leave. Shanara decided that daddy had to come too and since Simon wasn’t quite as motivated to look after the RV as he would have been if he’d had to collect the Lotto jackpot, he gave in.

“How long is the hike?” he asked.

“About 4.5 hours” I said.

This was good, he thought, because it would give him time to do the hike and get back and get work done. I think it was somewhere at the trailhead (or shortly after) that I recalled the hike might be more like 5 hours. After about 2.5 hours uphill (around 800 metres total) I recalled that maybe it was a scootch more than 5 hours. Simon thinks I was notoriously and deceitfully withholding actual information about distance and elevation. Not so, I insisted – its just that I’d only done it once and hey – who can remember such petty details?

I was accurate just before 1 p.m. (on the trail for three hours by now) when I said it was only about 10 more minutes to the end of the trail/top.

And so we had lunch. Simon said it wasn’t very scenic. Hey – can I help it if the top is a parking lot for mountain bikers? I did get us off the main road! And yes, we did have to hike to the very end of the trail and not stop beforehand. Why? Because I said so!

And so we headed back down after lunch arriving back at the parking area about 6 hours and 15 minutes after setting out. This was a scootch more than 4.5 hours but what a day! And so, so wonderful to hike with Simon. It’s been a while. He really is my favourite hiking partner even though he does question my accuracy in time and elevation.

We ran into a lot of mountain bikers today – all of them really nice and gracious. When everyone looks out for the other guy, sharing a trail is no hardship at all. It was a completely wonderful day!

More great days coming up this week. Stay tuned!

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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