Family hike – Kootenay Lookout

It’s a short hike, we said. There’s nothing to it, we said. Well, we said, it’s only a bit steep at the bottom but after that – no big deal.

And so we convinced Tim that hiking to the Kootenay Lookout would be a sane endeavour on the morning before we were to take him to the airport in Trail.

What we neglected to mention was that after the “no big deal” middle section after the first steep section was a steep section to the top.

To his credit, he didn’t whine – not once. Pity really, I’d been looking forward to ignoring his complaints. But I had nothing to ignore. He even noted at the end of the hike that he’d enjoyed it. Of course, he may just have been saying that so as to remain in our good graces. But he seems a rather honest guy.

At any rate, after our hike and a rather yummy lunch at Sleep is for Sissies (yes – that’s the name of the restaurant), we drove down to Trail , detoured to Rossland (such a pretty town) and ended up at the airport. And now (sob) it seems very quiet here without him. I see now what he meant when he mentioned a couple of days ago that he creates chaos wherever he goes. But chaos was just becoming the new norm! Rats!

That said, I suspect a whirlwind of madness to begin again tomorrow when Chad arrives at about 6.30 to being work on the exterior of the house. Yup – should be most interesting.

Oh – and great news! Today, for the first time this season, I hiked in shorts. Given the bushwhack nature of the trail, I got my summer legs in one go: scratches, bruises and contusions – all in under four hours. Very proud of myself!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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