A drastic weather change – hot and sunny yesterday – rainy and slightly cool today.

No matter – a good excuse to do almost nothing. That was my plan. After Simon left for work I looked at my to-do list and found nothing on it. Aha! I said to myself. I could write! In fact, that’s what I told Simon I was going to do today – write.

But I got lazy. I really, really want to watch La La Land, I said to myself. But self, I said, Simon and I were going to watch it together.

Oh hell, my evil twin replied. It’s a rainy day – just waste the morning indulging yourself. After all, how often do you do that?

My better self, being easily swayed, downloaded La La Land. Watch Now? iTunes asked me? Sure, I said and clicked on Play.

Nothing. Nada. Rien. Nichts.

I gave up after twenty minutes. It seems that my download speed today was sloth-like. So – dammit – I have it now. I think. I had to spend the morning writing.


So much for indulging slothful impulses.

After walking the dogs and shopping, I visited Simon at his new workplace – the Nikkei Centre. What an amazing site! What a place to work. The view from Simon’s window is a blooming cherry tree and beautiful, serene gardens. And when he’s outside he gets buzzed by hummingbirds.

While the place is sad and commemorates the awful things we in Canada did to the Japanese, it is also a place that seems to have risen out of the ashes of despair into something lovely.

It’s a special place. Glad I visited. Oddly, when I stepped inside the small buildings the families used to call home – little more than hastily thrown-together shacks, I was reminded of the first places we lived when we came to Canada. We too had cracks in walls where the cold wind blew and no heating in the bedrooms – and our pots and pans and bedspreads and furnishings – it all looked so oddly familiar. I felt quite strange – as though I had moved back in time.

Okay then – pasta for dinner tonight.

Nice to be warm and cozy in here with the puppies while the rain pounds down outside.

Nice to have stolen some kisses from Simon in the middle of the afternoon. Lucky me!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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