Quiet Day

Thanks to Sheila for the photos from yesterday – it really was so much fun!

Today is good in a whole different way: it’s so quiet when it’s just me and the dogs – serene, peaceful. I like it. You’d think I’d have gotten a lot done today. Not so.

Well, I did get some laundry done as well as cleaning the house, doing my nails and my hair. This afternoon, I walked the dogs on the Galena Trail and then did some grocery shopping.

This afternoon was lovely. The weather seems to have turned from chilly to really warm almost overnight. I really notice the difference now between the island and this place. On the island, spring begins in late January and gently unfolds, day by day until some time in June. There’s usually a warm spell in May and then cool and damp weather again until July. June is the month everyone complains bitterly that summer will never come.

Here we have winter and then, quite suddenly, spring jumps out at you and overnight what was yellow and grey is green. And suddenly it’s warm.

I don’t know how the season will unfold but I do admit that I don’t miss the rain and the dampness that seems to get right into your bones. There is considerably less rain here even though we are supposedly in an inland rain forest.

I have no complaints. And shoulder season so far is just fine. I had fears of not being able to get out and hike. It’s not an issue at all. On Thursday I’ll be hiking in shorts on a low mountain – a bit like Maple Mountain in the Cowichan Valley. If I want to go higher, I just get my snowshoes out again. It’s really just fine.

As time goes by, especially now that the winter is over, I like it here more. I’m curious to see how this summer goes. In the KMC, I certainly feel as though I have met members of my “tribe” – particularly the people I was hiking with yesterday. I can’t stress enough how super these people are. Admittedly some of them are a bit loco and even ditzy or outright nuts – but no more so than me. And that is likely the attraction (you think?).

Simon seems to be enjoying his new job and that’s good news. The house is still slowly coming together. This weekend may see some progress on the yard. But I expect that this will all take time.

This afternoon I am in that warm sun kind of place that I like so much: that cat lying on a hot deck in a semi-comatose state where all that matters is heat, warmth, sun. It thaws the bones. It relaxes every muscle in the body – it makes everything vanish except the sensual sun itself.

And yes, I will do some writing – almost immediately. Yes I will.


I will.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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