Sentinel Mountain again

Today’s trip up to the Kootenay Lookout on Sentinel Mountain was entirely different from the one we did last Thursday. First: the sun was shining. Hurrah! More importantly, we were sixteen instead of two and Rick was wielding hiking poles instead of a pruning saw. And I got to see what a great job he’d done clearing that trail and marking it.

It was a nice jaunt up with a slower group and a faster one – as is usually the case with such a large crowd. But because we got to the top a good fifteen minutes before group two, I had a chance to explore the blue flagging that ran up from our lookout. It seemed pretty clear that it began to head downhill and was the tail end of flagging that branched off from the pink trail about a third of the way up. Excellent! I sense some deep exploration in my future.

It should also be noted that I almost stepped into a warmish pile of bear scat in my wanderings. Perhaps bringing bear spray along when I’m on my own might be a good idea.

So – a super day with a nice sunny spot at the top. And then Rick mentioned another hike to a fire lookout that he would need to do reconnaissance on in the next few days. Sheila and I volunteered to go along. Hurrah! Seems I’m not going to have to worry too terribly much about what I’ll do with myself around here during shoulder season. Fact is, there are a lot of shoulders to hike on.

Next hike: Monday with Sheila. We have a Plan A and a Plan B. Either way, it’s going to be wonderful.

Almost forgot to mention one of the best things about today’s hike. We were back at the cars at 1 p.m. I didn’t pack a lunch – we treated ourselves to a beautiful meal at the Frog Peak Cafe. Totally yummy. And Helen joined us there. She is very, very cool. Not surprising – some of the finest folks I’ve met in recent years are members of KMC. We totally lucked out with this group – in so many ways.

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