Evans Creek

It was a good day. We hiked 7.5 hours into and back out of Evans Creek in Valhalla. Today we knew for sure that spring was here. We saw our first wildflowers: lilies, bluebells and snowdrops. We also saw leaves on bushes – in some cases seeing only buds on our hike in and tiny leaves only a few hours later on the same shrubs. A time-lapse camera would have picked up some good film today.

The sun shone and it was warm enough for Simon to be wearing shorts and for me to be wearing leggings with large holes in them.

The dogs haven’t been out on a good full day for some time so they had a lovely time. Shanara chased every squirrel in sight and jumped into the lake numerous times. Abby resented being tied up while we had our lunch and even though she got a big chunk of my sandwich plus extra cheese, she threw a temper tantrum when I leashed her up on the beach where other people were having lunch.

But they ran and played and slowed down considerably at about the 6.5 hour mark. In other words, they got back into the car willingly at the trailhead.

We both had a truly lovely time. Simon complained that there wasn’t quite enough snogging so I snogged a bit more before the end of the hike. And he did eye a soft bed of moss at one point – until I mentioned it was right on the trail and a tad public.

So – back home. I’ve had a nice hot bubble bath and Simon is currently outside with Chad who is going to help us put the siding on the house. Oh boy! More progress.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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