Almost Mount Ymir

Day three – hike number three – I’m done until tomorrow. Haha. But tomorrow is a long dog walk – does not qualify as a hike, so it’s a rest day (except for laundry and cleaning and tons of writing).

But seriously, today was glorious: bluebird skies, warm sun and a fabulous group of people. It was also a slightly crazy group that involved leader Ben bringing a plastic sled for the last steep bit down, Liz bringing a Magic Carpet for the same reason and Eric arming himself with a plastic sword, a garbage bag and a shovel – he was of the opinion that one of those items would assist him in going downhill. As it turned out, he was wrong on all counts. But it was fun to watch.

Our goal was the peak of Ymir. We snowshoed up through beautiful conditions and then we got to the steep steep part. What I mean is that we had a steep part at the beginning but then there was a second steep part that was steep. At any rate, we started up that and Nicky decided nope – going back. Sheila and Simon opted to go with her.

I admit I was disappointed – I’d wanted to share the full adventure with Simon. But that faded quickly because it’s so important to keep in mind that everyone has to go only as far as they feel safe and comfortable. So good for Nicky for being clear about her comfort levels! What doesn’t work is for people to just “go along” with the group if they don’t feel good and safe.

Five minutes after continuing, P’nina turned around. She was also out of her comfort zone. Ten minutes or so later, as we were all concentrating on a narrow traverse up the “steep part”  the snow gave way under me and I flattened out to stop myself from sliding down (and down and down). Ben was close enough he could hand me his ice ace – a great help. Liz came up behind with Eric and said, “We’re going back.” It was a good call. It wasn’t that the snow wasn’t stable – it was just that in the hot sun, it had become as slippery as silk. Gaining footing was getting harder and harder.

And so we turned, caught up with everyone else, had a lovely lunch in the warm sun and cavorted on the way back – or, as P’ninia said “Never Adult Moment!”

Fabulous day, shared with the man I love and a group of awesome people.

Nice to know I can sleep in tomorrow, meaning getting up later that 5.15 a.m.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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