Spring and Politics

I got myself “out there” this morning while the sun was shining. The idea was to explore more of Bannock Point, which we did – although there was enough water creating lakes and ponds that I didn’t go quite as far as I would have liked to. I hope that in another couple of weeks, some of the lakes will have dried into mere swamps that I can forge my way through. Still, we did have at least four satisfying ridge scrambles and a ton of bushwhacking – so it was a good morning.

That said, my mind is also in a bit of turmoil as I continue to absorb what is happening in the world of politics.

First there was that passenger being pulled off the United Flight by Chicago police. Now, let me get this straight: a corporation sells a man a seat on an airplane, which they then sell again, even though it has already been sold – then they randomly pick this guy to boot from the flight and when he refuses to go (good for him!), the police pull him off. Excuse me, the police are enforcing a bad corporate policy? Aren’t they supposed to be protecting citizens?

Oh right – yes – they are corporate enforcers. They did, after all, pepper spray peaceful water protectors guarding their own land in North Dakota – in that case they were protecting big oil companies, not ordinary citizens.

Okay – deep breath – let’s get outraged over something else – 45. Actually, as I wrote that, I realized that I didn’t even know where to begin with him – his nepotism? his ineptitude? his monetary interests in tomahawk missiles? his utter disdain of ordinary people? No – I think my outrage goes far beyond that – it goes to the “red line” that is drawn at a country gassing its citizens: its children. At this point we don’t know if Assad did it or if it was a rebel storehouse that was bombed. And that doesn’t really matter anyway.

Here’s what I want to know: why are we so outraged that people died because of chemical warfare? Ordinary bombs dropped on children aren’t enough? It has to be chemicals? We aren’t outraged, it seems, when people shoot, maul, torture and bomb each other, killing millions of women and children – or starving them to death all over the world – but for some reason chemicals are crossing a line. Really?

Here’s where I think the line is: killing people. Period. Stop killing people. War is nothing more than legalized murder. Period.

Or, as the man said, Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

As it has also been said, the proof of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. You would think in the thousands of years of human history, which is nothing more than a litany of doing the same thing over and over and over, we would have learned something. Apparently not. The only conclusion I can draw is that humankind is insane. Really. Scientific method – only possible conclusion.

Right now, today, the time is too late for shades of grey. It is too late to be nuanced about certain things. There are no arguments for killing people – no shades of grey. Just stop. There are no nuanced ways of torturing someone where it’s okay if you go so far and no farther. No torture. Period.

No killing. No excuses. No justifications. None.

And that brings me to the next political “no shades of grey”: the environment. Today the writ officially dropped and we are off to the races in our provincial election. Already Christy Clark is slinging mud at the NDP and soon the NDP will do likewise and the Greens are rolling out their platform.

There are all sorts of nuanced reasons for voting for one party or the other. One will get rid of toll roads and one promises corporate tax cuts and one will raise the foreign home owners tax.

So fucking what!

I mean really – who gives a shit? There are going to be a million little promises that will put money in one person’s pocket or another. And, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn. I care about only one thing. And it is the one reason why I am voting for the Green Party.

Which party is going to do the most to protect the environment and stop a massive extinction of species including humans. Really – at this point in history, it is the ONLY thing that matters. If you can’t breathe the air, all the money in the world won’t matter. It will mean zilch. Sure, the Green Party also happens to have a great platform economically and in every other way but in the big picture it doesn’t matter. What matters is water that won’t poison us, air we can breathe, food that is healthy. We need this planet. The planet doesn’t need us. I suspect that if we continue on our rapid road to ruin, the Mother will be quite pleased to wash her hands of us. And soon after we are gone, she will heal and all the other living beings here will once again prosper and thrive.

I am voting Green because there is no other choice – not if we are to survive and certainly not if we want a decent life for our children and our children’s children.

‘Nuff said for now.

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