Pilot Point

Today marked our second visit to Pilot Point – and a very different one it was. Last time, we were in the company of about 22 people – today it was just Simon and I and the dogs. And it was heaven.

We invented a new game – it involves words. It is very silly. We played it for a long time, including on the trail which was not fair because it made me giggle far too much and that’s not a good thing when you have a bladder that reacts to massive amounts of giggling.

The puppies loved exploring new trails – and we did explore. Rather than rush down the trail to a rather dilapidated camp, we hiked and took every side trail we could find. Yes, it rained just as it did last time, but it also stopped often enough and long enough that I could take some photos. And we snogged now and then – and we giggled some more. We laughed on the way home.

I don’t understand why Simon can’t grasp the concept of “watery sunshine.” He seems to believe there is only sun and not sun. Watery sun, as we all know, is when it’s working very hard to shine and it is kind of – you can see bright spots and there is still a bit of wetness in the sky but there is a certain brightness with almost-shadows on the ground. Am I right? Is this not a common concept, easy enough to grasp? Right???

I love Simon so much.

Through it all: through all the routines of our days and all the “getting things done” modes we both get into, it is a pure delight to spend a day together where it’s just us, breathing and walking and being in rhythm and harmony and living the love we have for each other.

Of course, this means we also have to celebrate the day. As we drove home through Nelson and passed the liquor store I said something like, “I don’t suppose we should consider going to the liquor store?”

I have never seen a man actually turn a car on a dime – I always thought it was just an expression. But no, Simon turned that darn little C-Max at an acute 90 degree angle and parked it neatly right in front of the store.

He has cracked open his first beer.

I shall soon fill a champagne flute with cheap bubbly.

Let the silliness of the day continue!

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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