Seeing the light

Okay – here’s the thing. (Where to start?)

Well,. let’s begin with the fairly routine part of the day – a hike up to Wragge Cabin – which was kind of okay. It was along a road (sigh) but then we crested a hill (bushwhacked) after the cabin for a nice view at lunch time with the sun warm on our backs and comfy stumps to sit on. So who can complain about that?

I then came home to Simon putting the finishing touches on my chandelier – with pink baubles.

Yes – we have a girly chandelier in the bedroom. True, at first when I proposed the idea, he resisted. It’s a rustic home he argued. And besides, who in their right mind likes chandeliers. Well, I argued right back, the point is that the chandelier offers a bit of contrast – it’s like an unexpected piece of sculpture.

I started hunting online for just the right one. I finally found one and showed it to Simon who – to my shock and surprise – said, “okay, order it.”

And he said this before I even extolled its features – like the colours matching the quilt on the bed.

It arrived by Purolater yesterday and while I was hiking, Simon installed it. And I LOVE IT!!! I love it even more than I thought I would. It’s perfect. It makes the whole room glow (ahem – especially when it’s turned on). It does exactly what I thought it would – just adds that finishing touch. Happy me! Also grateful me that Simon is liking it more and more. Fact is, I think he likes it more than he is willing to admit – it being kind of a girly thing and he being a bit of a guy (hehe).

Which brings me to the other part of seeing the light. After all our pillow talks – about actual pillows – Simon has finally seen the light and suggested that he would prefer down pillows to the hard, brick-like things he has been sleeping on. Where this is a bonus for me is that the down pillows are fluffier and our bed was rather unsymmetrical with his side being flatter and mine being fluffier. This is important, in case you didn’t know – when a bed is properly made, you want both sides (the pillow bits) to be nice and fluffy and symmetrical. But, to indulge his love of many pillows, I also kept one hard pillow on each side and two fluffies on each side (stay with me here) so that we now each have three pillows (luxury). The bottom one is hard, the next in line is extra-fluffy and the top one is firmly downy. You see? The perfect bed!

Did I hear someone say OCD? Who me? Nahhhhh…..

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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