Bushwhacking and Exploring

Today, I was determined to explore and find what Sheila told me was an even higher trail beyond the one we had previously done at Bannock Point. Where to find it? Who knew? But exploration sounded like a good idea.

Things are melting rapidly so I was prepared for some postholing – and boy did I get it! Right up to the top of my thighs over and over again.

But the interesting part of this hike started minutes after setting out. Sheila had warned me that the first part of the trail gets wet in the spring. What she didn’t say was that it actually becomes a river. This is no exaggeration – so much of a river that it is unhikeable and impassable.

So – first challenge handled. The puppies and I bushwhacked around the river and up a ridge on the left side of the trail. At that point I thought we might as well keep going and meet up with the high trail farther on – which we did. Excellent!

So – taking the high trail, I branched off at what looked like the trail heading up to the highway. But minutes after getting on it, I found what appeared to be a trail heading exactly where I wanted it to – behind the high ridge with possible access to the even higher ridge behind it. Off we went – and soon found a very old snowshoe trail. Again – excellent – we followed it for a very, very long time. This was clearly a trail – possibly mountain bike trail. And then the dilemma: the trail finally descended a bit between two ridges and we came smack dab to a lake seasonal I’m sure – but impassable. No worries, at this point I wanted to get up on a ridge and I thought I saw some good open areas up to my right – the high ridge, I thought.

Up we went, bushwhacking all the way – and I only got one owie!

We got near the top when I decided I was going to find a different way down. But we made it, looking down on what had previously been the highest ridges on the trail. Here’s what I really like about this: when the snow melts even more and the rivers and lakes simmer down, this can be an almost all-day hike through all these trails – reminiscent of the Westwood Ridges.

At any rate. At the tippy top I found a flag – and then a boot mark – and then, as I headed down the other side – old snowshoe tracks. Pretty cool!

So we didn’t have to fully bushwhack. There was no more trail flagging but the old tracks were easy enough to follow and eventually joined up with the high ridge flagging.

And 2.5 hours later, we were back at the car.

So – a very good afternoon. Any day that I can explore like this and mentally map a hiking area is a good day.

Next up – cooking a big curry.

And looking forward to a serious hike this weekend.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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