Spring Walking

Today, having absorbed more awful news about clear cutting and deplorable rape of the land, I got my bum out on a trail. I call it spring walking – more like spring stumbling around, crawling past big ice patches and generally scrambling to stay upright and not either sink in past my knees, skid head over heels on ice or get sucked down in the mud.

Such is spring in the Kootenays.

There are also good bits – like warmth. At eight degrees today, it was warm – much warmer than the same temperature on Vancouver Island. Why? Because there was no rain and the sun was shining. I mean – hiking without gloves or a hat and sweating under a light jacket. It is warm.

And now, sitting at my computer, the sun pouring in from all the south-facing windows, it’s almost as though we don’t need a fire. Still, it’s rather comforting and reassuring to have one.

We’ve been eating a lot of salads this winter, which is something I would never do on the island because it’s simply too cold. I always want hot meals to warm me up. Here, I’m happy to have a salad with my freshly baked sourdough bread. I think it’s actually become our favourite meal.

Getting out with the dogs today helped – so did my writing about hiking on Vancouver Island. But in the big picture, the only solution I can see for the corporate greed is to vote out the current government. Are there enough brave people to vote Green? I know we are making inroads – and we have to persevere. When there are people like my friend, Chris Istace, who are working hard with tourism and the Chamber of Commerce to preserve green spaces while creating win/win situations for everyone, there is reason to hope.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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