Cairn Creek snowshoe

Today was our “go and explore day.”

We had no final destination in mind – just a start point and let’s see what happens.

So – off to what I think is called Cairn Creek – not too far from home. We strapped on our snowshoes and headed off up the valley on crunchy, crusty snow that made the going pretty darn easy. Puppies came along, which made them happy. Well, it made Shanara happy. Abby would have been pleased to stay at home in a soft bed in front of a roaring fire eating pizza.

But, being the cruel doggie parents that we are, we made her come along.

My guess is that we did about 18 K over 6 hours and maybe 500 metres elevation. It was a long, slow rise through the valley. We crossed bear tracks (huge paws!) and elk tracks. They let us have a pretty good idea of how deep the snow was – very.

We eventually came to a switchback heading up. Yay! So up we went until near one pm – our turnaround time. We’d been going about 3.5 hours and it was time for lunch. So – lunch we did. We sat down on Simon’s Gore-tex jacket and enjoyed the sun – so yummy! For the first time in days, we had glorious sunshine. And it got warm enough to take off my jacket! Double yay!

After lunch we headed back. As might be expected, as the day warmed, the crust on the snow softened. Being somewhat lighter than Simon I was able to stay on top for the most part. Simon, however, had a slightly harder time of it, sinking in past his knees a LOT!

Maybe I shouldn’t have giggled quite as much as I did.

The poor pups sank in a lot too and they are both sore. I gave them extra food for being so very good.

It wasn’t my favourite hike – mostly in a valley – lots of scrub – on a road rather than single track. But, as Simon said, it was good to get out. Mostly, as I told Simon, I love that I’m able to share this with him. In all my years of hiking, Simon is the first person I have been able to share this love with – while I’m sharing love with him. We are in synch on so many things. So often when we are out in nature, we see the same things and find our thoughts travelling on the same paths.

This makes me feel truly blessed.

We’ve been together long enough now that there are many days that I take my current life for granted. And then I have days like today when I feel surges of gratitude and the deepest love.

Yes – I am blessed.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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