Rain and Pain

Here’s the thing: I don’t mind rain all that much. Like most of my hiking buddies, I don’t care to start out in the pouring rain, although if you are sleeping in a tent it’s going to be inevitable. But if I wake up in the morning at home with a hiking plan and it’s absolutely pouring, I’ll postpone for a better day.

But – at the very least – I’ve always been able to go out just a bit – Hemer Park or the Back 40. I’ve been able to get out for an hour or so just to gulp fresh air and stretch my legs. That’s not so easy to do here and my body feels it. Today I feel it. I got into the back four (five minutes) and almost dropped off the dogs just to get out on the road for an hour, until I remembered that the roads were complete slush and the shoulder still isn’t safe to walk on. Yuck. No. As Sheila said, we all go crazy in the shoulder season in the spring because you can’t snowshoe and you can’t hike.

That said, I must not forget that I got our yesterday for more than two hours and on Thursday, we are going to do the challenging Lightening Strike at Kootenay Pass. Somehow, I must strategize and find a way.

The answer of course, is the driveway. Once that is cleared up – maybe in a day or two (fingers crossed), I’ll be able to drive the car and at least take myself to the Galena Trail and get the hell out of the house. My body is addicted to moving and truly does not function well without it.

There – I’ve griped. I am now done. It’s out of my system. Whew!

Wonderful things happened today: Simon put out four resumes and is wanted immediately by two potential employers. He has an interview with an entrepreneurial program tomorrow. And he has submitted his manuscript to (I think) nine agents. That’s pretty damn fine.

I have written another chapter for my hiking book and done my usual page on another new book plus a submission.

Neither one of us is sitting around letting moss grow between our toes.

I’m especially thrilled for my husband – wonderful things are coming his way. His attitude is amazing. He is strong and powerful and positive. He is also immensely talented. I expect brilliant news very, very soon.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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