Red Mountain Grind

p1020395_fotor Sheila named it: the Red Mountain Grind.And I really don’t think the Grouse Grind has anything on this one. I’m just amazed I’ve done it so often.

But it’s right in our back yard so, on a day when you don’t want to drive far and you still want to get out  – you do the Red Mountain Grind. Sheila tracked it – it’s about8.5 K round trip with an elevation of 603 metres to the first viewpoint. I usually got 200 – 400 metres past that but today we kept it short(ish).

It was good to get out in good company and it was also good for the dogs. Shanara was in heaven!

We ground our way up (huff – puff) and zoomed our way down. And here’s the best part about today: getting home at 1.30, lunch, a nap and a really hot bubble bath.

Simon has now dashed off to Nelson to pick up some wainscot molding to finish the bathroom and I have nothing to do but sit here with my feet on a hot water bottle, a roaring fire downstairs – writing.

That seems like a very good fate.

Simon and I are also evolving a business plan that has to do with a writer’s circle/editing service. Things, as they say, are moving along. Soon these sleepy little villages are going to wake up and the influx of summer people will begin.

The house is getting more and more complete.

I have two more fabulous hikes planned: Wednesday to Neptune Mountain and Saturday at Whitewater.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to sit here feeling cozy – with total peace and quiet in the house.

Time to write.p1020398_fotor p1020401_fotor p1020402_fotor p1020405_fotor p1020406_fotor p1020407_fotor p1020408_fotor p1020409_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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