Seven Summits Trail

p1020143_fotor When you’ve taken 76 photos and kept 69, it’s not easy to choose just a handful for your post – but I had to so here’s a random selection from a most spectacular and stellar day.

At first, Simon and I were going together. Then Simon got so involved in house projects he said he’d rather stay home and work – so I said fine, I’d go alone. Then, late last night, Simon decided he was too worried about me to let me go on my own and decided to come with me.

And so he bravely got up at 5.45 when the alarm went off and we were on the road shortly after seven. We got to Strawberry Pass at nine – great timing! Alas! The parking area had not only not been plowed, but there appeared to be a great berm in front of it. You could see where a few big trucks and turned in so Simon decided to give that a shot in our little C-Max.

A half hour later he’d finished digging us out and we drove off looking for an alternate parking area. There wasn’t one.

We did a u-turn back to the original parking spot thinking maybe we could find something somewhere – and there it was – the plow, digging out the parking area! Hurrah. With flashers on we waited until the plow was done and pulled in. It was now getting close to ten a.m. We were ready to go when a Nordic skier pulled up and asked if he could join us to Sunspot cabin – about an hour or so in. Sure.

He decided to join us on and on and on. I finally dropped back because I was feeling far too annoyed. It was one of the most beautiful winter days I had experienced – I wanted to soak it in. More than that, I wanted to share it with Simon but he had been wholly appropriated by the skier. It became clear to me as we soldiered on and passed the two-hour mark that he was going to follow us no matter how far we went. Time to take things in hand.

I caught up with them and asked the skier how far he was going. He asked if it was still okay to be with us. I decided on honesty. I told him I really wanted to spend the time with my husband.

He turned around and Simon and I got the chance to do what means so much to me on these hikes – share the wonder that was all around us. There is no one on this earth I can do that with as I can with Simon. I don’t even have to say anything. He gets it and gets me completely. He knows – often before I do – that this is the exact spot where beauty is going to touch me – this is the place I am going to stop for a photos.

With Simon I can say, “Look!” and he’ll get it instantly. At the same time, I understand where he sees beauty and wonder and I love sharing that. When we are out in nature together, it’s as though our souls open up and join together and we are in perfect harmony.

Just one of the reasons I love him so much. And certainly one of the reasons I so look forward to being in the wild with him. Quite simply – what we share out there is magic.

Which makes me ask, where else in our relationship do I feel that way? When Simon plays music and sings – the magic always comes through – instantly – right into the heart of me.

When he makes me laugh like a complete idiot (and when I can do the same for him).

I know there are other times – more quiet and subtle times that this occurs as well – times that are often overshadowed and missed by the everyday-ness of life.

But I do know that the magic is there as a constant. Some things – days like today – easily bring it to the surface. And I cherish those times beyond words.
p1020151_fotor p1020157_fotor p1020160_fotor p1020170_fotor p1020175_fotor p1020180_fotor p1020188_fotor p1020192_fotor p1020197_fotor p1020199_fotor p1020201_fotor p1020202_fotor p1020205_fotor p1020210_fotor p1020216_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Seven Summits Trail

  1. Veda says:

    With respect Goody, did you consider that your unexpected companion for the day may have been lonely…and so enjoyed finding people to spend some time with. You have Simon night and day, every day…perhaps sharing him would have been a kind thing to do.

  2. goodyniosi says:

    Indeed – and we did have him along for much longer than we agreed to.

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