Today and Today…

p1020126_fotorThis morning I woke up to what might as well have been a day on the West Coast – the sound of rain on the roof. In some ways this was more than welcome as it spelled the end of serious cold weather and a certain movement toward spring. In other ways, this was not so good because Simon, not having checked the forecast, left firewood in the back of the truck – and of course, the truck does not have a canopy.

Still, we have a fire and lots of wood drying indoors near the stove.

So, today, which was supposed to be a major high terrain snowshoeing day, turned out to be a second day of hanging out around the house. I did get my items ticked off  and I did get out with the dogs for an hour on the Carpenter Creek trail, which is interesting to negotiate now: it’s in that place where it’s too sticky for spikes or showshoes but too deep for just boots. I opted for boots anyway – interesting walking.

And really – that has been the extent of the day. On a day like this, which seems completely devoid of any purpose at all, I keep in mind a quote from Hermann Hesse that I just read:

“I believe that for all its patent absurdities life nevertheless has a meaning, I resign myself to being unable to find this ultimate meaning with my reason, but I am prepared to serve it even if it means sacrificing myself.”

Sometimes we just have to forge ahead, even when we have no idea where we are going. I do this at times when I hike – did it just the other day: there is what appears to be a trail. Maybe it is – maybe not, but let’s just move up toward the light that shines through a break in the trees. Let’s see what’s up there. Maybe it’s nothing. But we will never know if we don’t persist in that direction.

And so we persist and sometimes what happens is that we come out on the top of a ridge or a mountain and we are bathed in sunshine with mind-dazzling beauty all around. Without blind faith and sheer stubbornness, we would never have found that beauty – and finding it, that gave the entire journey meaning.

Meaning sometimes can only be found after the fact. And so , when the journey is tedious or uncertain, faith is what we need to keep on going – faith that meaning will come.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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