Whitewater Snowshoe

p1020103_fotor Silly me – when Sheila first suggested a snowshoe today, I was just a tad reluctant. After all, the plan for today was to bake bread. But, having learned long ago to say yes to opportunities, I said, “Yes.”

I am so glad I did.

Not only was the day perfect with bluebird skies and the sun shining down so strongly on the mountain’s south face that we were down to sweaters or T-shirts within thirty minutes, it also happened to be an unexpectedly super terrific snowshoe trail – by accident for the most part.

We set off for the first small bit on a trail cleared by a snow cat. That quickly changed (thank goodness) to a previous snowshoer’s track, so even though we were on a road, it felt more like a single track. And then the views opened up to all the mountains around us from Reco to Payne and even Loki in the distance.

On we went until we turned a corner and noticed that the road turned downwards. Well, that wasn’t right. In fact, Ann and Sheila realized they had taken a wrong turn some time ago. What now?

I suggested we explore what appeared to be a trail heading up through the trees to our right. Well, why not? How about ten minutes?

Sheila and I took turns breaking trail through very heavy snow. After about fifteen minutes I looked up and noticed what appeared to be light at the top of the steep-ish trail. How about we go that far? I suggested. Everyone else agreed.

On we went – and there it was: the top of whatever ridge or mountain we were on, the top bathed in warm sunlight and with 360-degree views of all the surrounding peaks including Whitewater.

It could not have been a more perfect lunch spot. Heck, we could have lain down and tanned in our shorts – if we’d had any.

Really – it was perfection. I was happy to be in a place of beauty/bliss. Sheila loved it so much she marked the place we took the trail from the main road.

And so, accidents can sometimes have very happy endings.

It was one of those hiking days that left me with a deep sense of satisfaction and connection. Satisfied because we had attained a place of remote beauty, and connection because this is the sort of place where I feel one with the beauty of the world – and nothing but love fills my heart and spills over.

Happiness.p1020109_fotor p1020111_fotor p1020114_fotor p1020116_fotor p1020120_fotor p1020122_fotor p1020123_fotor p1020124_fotor p1020129_fotor

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