Snowshoeing and heroes

p1020076_fotor Today, Simon and I got out for about three or so hours on our snowshoes – the prettiest part of the trip was the old cabin and the trail along the creek. We worked our bodies well and enjoyed actual warm-ish temperatures.

We are both is a state of flux these days – not knowing what comes after this Kootenay adventure, trying things out, pondering, mulling, delving deep, questioning – it’s not what one might call the happiest of times – stressful perhaps – but these are times one travels through on the way to one’s destination.

It’s the way it is.

Or, as they say, another F&^%ing growth opportunity.

The other day, I wandered over to the bookshelf and happened to lift down a book I’ve been carrying with me since I was in my mid-twenties (a long time). It’s called “Reflections” by Hermann Hesse. When I was in my twenties I read everything Hesse wrote – most of it made me thing hard. The Glass Bead Game, Siddhartha – these are not simple books.

As a result of my reading, Hesse became my inspiration. I filled the margins of the book with notes to myself and the back blank pages with longer thoughts. Today, he inspires me again. I don’t know what made me pull this book down, but it now resides on my desk, beside my computer and several times each day I open it at random – and am inspired all over again.

Hesse did not lead what most people would call a remarkable life. He wasn’t even “discovered” in North America until after his death. But his mind, heart and spirit, to me, are remarkable.

 I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. – Hermann Hessep1020080_fotor p1020081_fotor p1020082_fotor p1020085_fotor p1020089_fotor p1020090_fotor p1020094_fotor p1020095_fotor

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2 Responses to Snowshoeing and heroes

  1. Birte says:

    Interesting fact about Hermann Hesse – did you know he built a house in the village where I went to school and lived there for a few years? It’s a museum today so we went there with school and I think I even painted the house once at a summer painting workshop for children 🙂

  2. goodyniosi says:

    that is very cool 🙂

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