After the snow

p1010985_fotor The Catch-22 of winter in the Kootenays. After a snowfall like the epic three-day event we just had, it’s breathtakingly beautiful out there – and all I want to do is get out in the high country with snowshoes and go all day. BUT – driving to that country becomes a bit of an issue. And when the driving is okay, it’s not quite as gorgeous.

Still, we managed to get out for almost two hours at Bannock Point – a blessing. Fingers crossed we can get out to Payne Bluffs tomorrow. We originally wanted to go to Strawberry Pass but it’s seems the weather is going to hit that one again tomorrow.

And also, Simon is really on a roll with the ceiling. There is a balance between getting outside, completing the house and doing our writing etc.

Got to fit it all in.

And in the winter, I am dependent on getting a ride to the trailheads I want to access. Luckily, we are going with KMC to Kootenay Pass on the 15th – that trip looks like it’s going to be another epic one. And, one way or another, I will be out there this weekend – or before. I will make it happen.

p1010991_fotor p1010999_fotor p1020003_fotor p1020007_fotor p1020010_fotor p1020011_fotor p1020015_fotor p1020017_fotor p1020022_fotor p1020023_fotor p1020024_fotor p1020025_fotor

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