Cherry Street Station

p1010937_fotor I think I can rightly and justifiably call today an “epic hike.”

We hit the trail at the Pulpit Rock trailhead at about 9 a.m. – I think there were seven of us from the KMC. More new people to meet – more super people. Gosh, these folks are great!

At any rate, we started up a VERY icy slope with mini crampons on and wore those all the way to the flagpole. At that point we switched to snowshoes and set off for the CBC Tower. We broke trail the entire way. The snow was deep and insanely slippery and we called it when we were about 40 minutes from Cherry Street Station, the last false summit before the tower. We reached the top of our new destination at about 1 p.m. There we had lunch and turned back. The decision was a wise one: not only because it might get dark by the time we headed back (one more hour to the tower and almost an hour back) but after four hours of straight up over 1000 metres, about half that time breaking trail, most of us were feeling pretty darn “done.”

The day, however, was perfect: bluebird skies, warmth in the sun, and chilly otherwise. I think we hovered at about minus 10 or so up where we were. But it was fun, especially going down. We kind of telemark skied – some of us – some came down on our butts. I won’t mention who.

Who me? Surely not! (well, maybe)

A day out like that of really strenuous work does wonderful things for my frame of mind. I’ve had a hot bath, have four more snowshoe trips lined up – one on Friday and one on Saturday – so, how could I not be feeling wonderful?

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day – I have a long list that includes writing, submitting, researching, laundry, cleaning, helping Simon with the ceiling – whew!

And a dog walk. Yup – lots to look froward to.

p1010942_fotor p1010948_fotor p1010949_fotor p1010956_fotor p1010958_fotor p1010960_fotor p1010961_fotor

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