Getting Results

p1010919_fotorI know good things are going on in my life when I lie down for a nap after lunch and can’t drift off – not even for a minute.

Can’t shut down because my mind is processing too much and planning on too many things to do – some of which I have to do RIGHT AWAY!

Or at least, that’s what my busy brain thinks. And I’m still in that state – lots of things to do and lots accomplished and feeling pretty darn excited.

First, I did my usual this morning: domestic chores and then writing and another book submission. Then I got on my new Writer’s Marketplace and hit on a magazine I’d once been featured in. Well, I thought, maybe they’d like an article from me. I sent a query letter and proposal – within two hours I had an assignment – with photos! Hurrah. My story will be in the December “Kick-Ass edition – sounds pretty cool to me.

Next: I’ve been working on my first real wild sourdough starter for five days. This morning, before breakfast, I started my first batch of levain and, therefore, first batch of bread. This is entirely different from any bread I have baked before. I think there are something like 24 steps – and no yeast – just water, flour, salt – that’s it: three ingredients.

I just took the loaves out of the oven and they look amazing – exactly like you would expect bakery bread to look!

Soon we’ll slice into it, slather it with butter and have a salad to go with it. I feel madly accomplished.

Oh yes, we also took the dogs on the awesome trail (see photos) and I’ve prepared my gear for a big hike tomorrow in Nelson to the CBC Tower – rated black diamond. Yippee!

In all of this I have, of course, managed to spend some time on Facebook, letting my voice be heard.

Life is good.
p1010920_fotor p1010921_fotor p1010923_fotor p1010924_fotor p1010926_fotor p1010927_fotor p1010929_fotor p1010930_fotor p1010931_fotor p1010933_fotor p1010935_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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