Snowshoeing Uphill

p1010873_fotor Today brought a welcome break from – well – let me see – I’m sure I needed a break from something. A break from taking a break! That’s it!

We snowshoed up Red Mountain, past the first viewpoint to the second – I’d say between 1,000 and 1,200 metres all told. Slowish going up – fast going down.

This was a terrific opportunity to try out our new winter gear. The gloves work rather beautifully – and I am still not fully acclimatized to them. But after 4.5 hours, I managed to put them through their paces, cranking up the highest heat setting, back down to the other settings and all the way to no heat – which also keeps my hands remarkably warm.

I think that the longer I have them and the more they mold themselves to my hands, the better they’re going to be. So – two warm and toasty thumbs up on this one.

The boots – well – a tad problematic. The good stuff is that they keep my feet warm and they’re super comfortable – on my feet. That’s the down side. They rise up high and dig into my legs. I have bruises and they hurt pretty bad coming down. I have to find a way to compensate. I think on Sunday, when we are due for another big snowshoe, I’ll try not lacing the top hole – see how that goes. I hope that with use (breaking in) they will soften a bit and not be so hard (literally) on my flesh and bones.

The main thing in all this is that I now feel confident about tackling any temperatures – feet and hands are good and my core has always been warm.

All of this good physical exercise was a nice break (there we go again – taking a break) from the politics I am spending too much time on. But I am limiting myself and putting work and chores first – that’s something I suppose.

It must also be said that paying attention to what is going on right now is important. Never in the history of the modern world, have we seen so dangerous a man assume so much power. Is he worse than Hitler? I don’t know yet – he is following the same path. The difference is that Trump has the nuclear codes and could destroy the planet in a heartbeat – and instantly. Sure, we’ve had our Neros and Attilas – none of them had quite this sort of power.

And it stuns me that he is fooling so many people. Or – he is not fooling quite a few of them – they are cut from the same cloth (to use a time-worn cliché – sorry).

I am given hope by people like Dan Rather, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Ashley Judd and the heroes in government, especially the forestry service, who have set up alt sites and will not be shut down. I am grateful for news organizations that will not bend to his will: The Guardian., The New York Times, The Washington Post.

There is reason to hope. And, as such, I too must stand up and be counted. I will make my voice heard when and where I can. I will not be silent. And when it comes time to march, I will put on my boots and go.p1010875_fotor p1010876_fotor p1010879_fotor p1010881_fotor p1010882_fotor p1010884_fotor p1010887_fotor p1010888_fotor

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