Politically Speaking


This is my Coven.

These are my women.

We are so beautiful in our power and love. We love. And we are love.

I was so inspired today, listening to Ashley Judd address half a million women in Washington DC – and many millions more as the event streamed live around the world. She was raw, gutsy, honest, powerful – she brought tears to my eyes.

Then I watched and listened to Valarie Kaur, lawyer and Sikh activist speaking at the Metropolitan AME Church on New Years Eve. What if this darkness we are in right now is not the darkness of the tomb, she asked – but the darkness of the womb? What if what is happening right now is a birthing of America?

I say, what if this is a birthing of a new world? And all we have to do is breathe – and push. And we have to labour and we have to push hard.

But when an idea and a movement is ripe and ready to be born, it will be. No force can stop it.

And what is this idea? This movement? It is something more than these two words can encapsulate. This thing that is waiting to be born is the most powerful force in the universe – it is love.

This is what makes today’s Women’s March all around the world so much stronger and powerful than the inauguration yesterday. Love is more powerful than fear. I don’t use the word “hate” advisedly because, although it might appear that Donald Trump is advocating hate, he is, in fact, promulgating fear. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear leads to hate. But fear – that is the beast that love will slay every time.

Since the election, I have seen many political posts, some from people I care about, advocating that that’s it; let’s give the man a chance. Let’s come together. Let’s support him. I have even heard people say that we should respect the office of President.

I say NO to all of that. I will not give fear a chance. I will not support a man who is a misogynist, a liar, a cheat, a hateful individual and a psychopathic narcissist. A person has to earn my respect – no matter his title.

I have also heard it said in the political arena that conservatives have valid points just as liberals do. Pundits seem to think that you can put the views and political philosophies of liberals and conservatives on a scale and they will balance each other out.


In my years on this planet I have seen and felt the difference between left and right. There is no balance. One is not just as bad as the other. I will stand in front of anyone and unabashedly declare that my views are better because they are left wing and because they are liberal and, mostly, because they are socialist. That means that I believe that a woman should get paid as much as a man for doing the same job (every Republican EVERY Republican has voted this down). Why? Because women are less than men in their eyes. There is no other explanation. I believe that every human being on this planet has a right to clean water (NESTLE – are you listening?), clean air, a safe place to call home, education and freedom to pursue their passion – to speak their truth – to love one another. I believe we are here to leave the earth a better place for the next generations. I believe we are stewards of the earth and the earth is here for all beings – not just rich humans who wish to do nothing but exploit our Mother. I believe in peace, not war because I have travelled the world and I know that people want to get along and raise their families in peace. War is only for those who profit from it and who don’t care about sending young men and women into the field as cannon fodder. I believe that we are, at heart, good and noble and that we have to be manipulated and brainwashed into becoming killing machines.

Most of all, I believe in love – this is the force that holds the universe together. It is the strongest force there is – it is our gravity.

These thoughts and beliefs are cornerstones for those on the left – the helping hand, the care, the sharing, the raising each other from poverty.

The right seems to believe that a nation’s GDP is the world’s driving force. Amass as much for yourself as you can and to hell with the rest. Alt Right – a new term for skinhead.

I know that I generalize.

And I don’t care.

I am not tolerant of intolerance. I, like my sisters who marched today, am royally tired of compromising, of being good, of bending, of making do, of putting up with, of being quiet and good and lady-like.

I stand with my brothers and sisters of all colours and genders and religious persuasions.

I am ready to push and to birth a new era of love.

Fiercely ready.


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