Plan D (or maybe E)

p1010766_fotor The alarm went off as planned at 5.30 a.m. I leapt out of bed and got dressed. Downstairs – breakfast, packing backpacks, getting dogs outside, loading the truck. By seven we were on the road – and what a road it was! The weather had warmed considerably but with that came snow, rain, freezing rain, more snow and slippery roads. I wasn’t happy about the roads – not necessarily the state of them at the time, but what would happen later that day if it continued to snow – which the forecast promised it would?

But we were on a mission to complete Plan A- hike Cornice Ridge. Our rendezvous time was 9 a.m. After a good 40 minutes driving, we had reached Winlaw where Simon stopped at Sleep Is For Sissies (yes, that’s the name) for coffee. There he was told by other travellers coming from the opposite direction that the road was closed: avalanche.

Plan B, which we had formulated before stopping, was to head into Nelson and hike Pulpit Rock. In a flash, both A and B were scrapped.

We turned and headed back through the snow/icy rain/etc. with Plan C in mind: drive to Sandon, park at Three Forks and snowshoe up to Payne Bluffs. I said yes with the caveat that we’d test the road conditions first.

And so on we drove. The road seemed not bad – in fact, it was warm enough in New Denver that the roads were simply slushy. But go up the slightest elevation and they were a mess.

Nevertheless, we got to Three Forks only to find that the plows had completely blocked the road to Sandon as well as plowing in the parking areas. Short of abandoning the truck in the middle of the road, we were out of luck.

And so we turned around and quickly formulated Plan D – hike the Galena Trail to the steep cliffs and back again. That we were able to achieve – through sticky, wet, heavy snow that stuck to my snowshoes and required tapping off every twenty feet or so. But we did get out, stretch our legs and – well, we got out. ‘Nuff said.

Then we got home where Simon immediately fired up the snow blower. And now he’s chopping firewood – an endless everyday chore.

I shall spend the day working at my computer before baking some sourdough-type bread and making a monster salad for dinner tonight.

The very good news is that it’s much. much warmer. I was out for almost two hours this morning without heating pads in my gloves and without freezing either my fingers or toes. Nice. The extended forecast is also warm. Doubly nice.

In other news, I have been pensive of late – but in a good way, I think. I am going to review my nonsense manuscript today because I’ve completely lost interest in it. It was fun for a week or so but it’s just not the sort of thing I can stick with. Not my style. But I want to review it and then move on.

My most important work right now is finding an agent for my manuscript. Today I heard back from the first one – not accepting new material. And that’s fine. Thrilled to hear back. My second most important job is to keep writing short articles for magazines and submitting. I heard back from one prestigious magazine – they loved the article. Can’t use it right now but keeping it on file. This is very encouraging news. Today I will be working hard on narrowing down one or two more  possible clients and then getting to work on submitting to them. Ideas are churning in my head.

As I write, I am looking up at the skylight above my desk, watching the rain pouring down. Yay!

At the moment, I feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction with my life in general. I think this is good. I take it as a positive. When I am dissatisfied, it drives me to question and investigate. What makes me uncomfortable with my situation? How can I change it? In what direction do I want to move? What are my first, second and so on steps to getting me where I want to go? Indeed, where do I want to go? What comes next?p1010768_fotor p1010769_fotor

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