The Kindness of People

p1010648_fotor So here I am in Vancouver. Below is a photo of my bedroom for the next two nights – yes, that’s a huge, plush king size bed.

What I am not showing is my own kitchen, gorgeous bathroom and foyer. I have my own entrance. I have heated floors and a deep bathtub. I am spoiled rotten – and all by someone who I have met for the first time today when she picked me up at the airport. Yup – complete stranger – picked me up at the airport, brought me home, fed me lunch and is going to feed me a wonderful dinner of organic salad and roasted veggies.

It’s not just that she’s wonderful – that’s not the only thing I am so in wonder at. It’s the fact that I know people like this aren’t as rare as I might think. I really do believe that given half a chance, people are wonderful – and kind – and hospitable.

Kathleen is doing all this for me because Sandra is a mutual friend – and it’s Sandra’s party I am here for. (imagine the beauty of having your wake while you are still alive!) Sandra is a truly remarkable woman. If I could describe her in one word, it would be “sage.” But there’s also more to her than that. She is wise, yes, but she is also tough and smart and loving and giving – generous, insightful – and won’t take shit from anybody!

I am proud to call her friend.

And because she is such a remarkable woman, she has attracted extraordinary people into her life – people like Kathleen.

Lucky, lucky me.

So – Cathy and Nancy and I left this morning from Trail (there’s photo in the freezing cold parking lot at the airport). Believe it or not, the plane left ten minutes early!!!!

And we arrived early. It was the easiest flight I have ever been on – no scans or baggage checks. Just arrive, get on the plane and leave. Nice!

We arrived, I got into the car with Kathleen and we drove through a surprisingly chilly, snow-covered Vancouver to her house in Dunbar. Still, it was above zero, which was delightful. So, after lunch, I put on my walking boots and headed out. I walked for over three hours – down to West Broadway and to Thomas Haas. There I worshipped the chocolate gods – walking out with enough to seriously deplete my bank account – but happy. Why so happy? I ate one chocolate bar before I left. OMG!!!!

‘Nuff said.

Then back and up to Stong’s where I depleted their store of less rarefied but still wonderful chocolate, some brands I have never tried but hey – let’s be adventurous. With any luck, we should have a month’s supply. (I hope!) (okay, okay – that’s being a bit optimistic.)

And now back here – maybe a nap – and then dinner and an early night. I have to make up for not having a nap this afternoon – or yesterday either for all that.

Missing my love. As I told him this morning, I have become so used to his presence that it feels odd to be apart. I think we’ve been together long enough to have somehow melded into that place of coupledom that is sweet, comfortable, reassuring, and just plain “right.” Just knowing he is downstairs while I am working upstairs brings me comfort and joy.

I love him in so many ways – sensually, truly, deeply, comfortingly and comfortably, as  a friend, as a lover, as my man for life.

On one last note – given that my first word for this year is “home” – we flew over the Fraser Valley and past Vancouver toward Vancouver Island in order to circle back and land from the ocean side – into the wind. I could see the island, the smoke from Crofton and Harmac – Mount Benson – the Salish Sea – and yes, it felt like coming home.

Walking the city streets felt odd: displacement. How could I be in the middle of nowhere one minute and the next, walking along West Broadway? So strange. And I used to live in Kitsilano. I felt both at home and at ease and totally displaced. I could live here and I couldn’t – not for a minute. So strange – so much of two opposite minds.

It’s not Vancouver I want however, it’s the West Coast. I think. Maybe. I feel open to possibilities. One thing is certainly true. While the chill of really cold weather in the interior is biting, the damp cold of the coast is penetrating. That said, my fingers and toes did not freeze.

I have much food for thought – and I will chew on it and digest it at my leisure.

Life is good.

I can hardly wait to hug Sandra tomorrow. And other friends! Oh yes! People I love very dearly indeed.p1010649_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to The Kindness of People

  1. I love you and miss you — and will steal all your pillows tonight. So glad you arrived early and with good weather, and that you are surrounded by love and giving. Explore ‘home’. When the time is right, we’ll find that balance that works for both of us. It’s out there. Good night, my amazing Elvanian princess! Sweet dreams (of chocolate and flaming dwarves).

  2. goodyniosi says:

    I love you so much. And I know that as long as we do it together, everything will turn out perfectly – including home.

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