Snowshoeing to Pine Cone Inn

p1010613_fotor To call it an “inn” is a bit of a stretch – Pine Cone shack would be more apt. But still, if you’re going to stick snowshoes on your fit in sub-zero temperatures and slog it up 700 metres, you may as well aim for an “inn” – it’s far more motivating.

It was a real pleasure to snowshoe with Vida again – super good company – really couldn’t ask for better. We were both in a great frame of mind, loving being out in the mountains and gaining altitude to the almost sub-alpine. One thing about hiking in the Kootenays – if you’re going to get to alpine, you’re going to have to work very long and hard for it.

Still, we got to that magical place where the trees change and are completely enveloped in coats of white and its just so very beautiful that all you can say is “wow.” And truthfully, the Pine Cone Inn was actually pretty darn cute and picturesque.

It was just what I needed before heading to Vancouver tomorrow. My body feels worked (hard, because breaking trail up there through that depth was a heckuva workout) and my soul refreshed. And now that I’ve had my hot bath, there’s very little I could ask for to feel more content. And, because it was a hiking day, I don’t feel the least bit obligated to do any “work” – i.e. editing or writing or submissions.

Vancouver is going to be time off – but mostly time with dear friends – time to let the love flow. And the joy.

The only thing left to do today – pack. An how long can it possibly take to pack a change or two of socks and underwear. Need to leave lots of room in my backpack for chocolate – good, Vancouver specialty-store chocolate.


p1010622_fotor p1010624_fotor p1010626_fotor p1010627_fotor p1010628_fotor p1010630_fotor p1010631_fotor p1010633_fotor p1010636_fotor p1010637_fotor p1010639_fotor p1010641_fotor p1010642_fotor p1010643_fotor p1010644_fotor p1010645_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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