Happy New Year


In many ways, I think today has been an excellent start to the New Year.

First – there was last night. I tried a new recipe for dinner – a South American squash stew with freshly baked bread. The new recipe is a keeper! The bread was good, which meant that great slatherings of butter melted right into it. Yummy!

Of course, eating came after a drank two flutes of champagne (filled to the brim) – also yummy.

And then – drunken Scrabble – two games, with our usual assortment of well-thought-out wordishness – almost of all of them consisting of 7 letters which means our average scores were well into 600 plus.

And then we were going to be wild and crazy but somehow that never happened. I crawled off to bed and when Simon joined me with a glass of Southern Comfort still in hand, he decided to talk to me about life – all of it madly interesting and deeply philosophical (I think). It was well past midnight when we finally dropped off to sleep. But it was quite lovely. For the second year in a row I got to kiss my love at midnight at the turn of the year. What could be better?

Today the temperature has begun its plummet once again. But we have water! And the likelihood is that we will continue to have a flow. Yay!

I have been reading Simon’s manuscript and am pleased to report that it’s very good. It’s a terrific story! Yes, there will be some editing still – but it would be a miracle to find even a well-honed manuscript that didn’t require editing (mind included – especially mine!).

In between doing this, I am writing two pages a day on my silly new manuscript. I have also tried booking campsites on the Skyline Trail – only to find that reservations don’t open until Jan.28. Not to mention that the Parks Canada site is down probably because everyone else is also trying to book for 2017.

As soon as I have finished reading Simon’s manuscript, I am going to start the very real work of finding agents and/or publishers for my book.

I tried going for a walk today but found it’s no longer safe to walk along the road. The snow plows have bermed the highway and the only walking space left is that actual road surface. Given the curves and speed of some of the crazy logging trucks – not safe.

So – a couple of back fours with the dogs and anticipating an all-day snowshoe trip tomorrow.

What else? Busy day – took down the tree and cleaned up and Simon is right now trying very hard to get some dry wood for a fire. This is not easy. The house is chilly which is rather too bad. One of my favourite things about this house was the fact it was warm and cozy. But that’s me – I need more warmth than most. And sitting and writing makes warmth even more important. I’m better when I’m moving around. Working towards a goal of warmth, I have begun having oatmeal for breakfast and am focussing on comfort foods. Perhaps a hearty pasta tonight.

So – there it is – the minutia of a first day in January. I have ticked everything off my list (feels good!), even paying bills. All set to continue reading the manuscript.

Tomorrow – a cold snowshoe! Packing my down! Fun! Feeling fierce. (def – showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.) Also feeling very optimistic about obtaining home this year. I have a strong sense that everything is beginning to fall into place – for both of us.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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