Snow Day


At least one member of this family loves snow days – well actually, I think Simon rather enjoys them too. And Abby probably likes them because it means she gets to spend more time curled up in front of the fire rather than plowing her way through it on snowed-in trails. Me? I see the beauty. It has been snowing all day and it continues to come down. In other words, we truly are snowed-in. Not driving anywhere. Hard to believe that Simon has already done the driveway with the snow blower – you would never know.

So – my only outdoor venture has been a few minutes “back four” walk with the dogs and right back in the house again.

I do see the beauty. And it’s not cold – much warmer than Vancouver Island where the damp just gets into my bones. And with a roaring fire all day in the wood stove, the house is as cozy as a house can get.

That said, I miss green. I miss being on the West Coast where green is a colour that actually exists in the landscape all year long. Here, we live in a black and white world as soon as we step outside. And I have to judiciously plan my outings. I would have gone shopping today – but not.

On the plus side, I am spending a good deal more time writing and am in the final stages of completing my manuscript. Then – off to Simon for editing and critiquing. Then – time to flog it.

Also on the plus side, this home truly is cozy and warm and lovely. It’s a wonderful place to live. I think if I could walk out my front door and go farther than the end of the driveway, I’d be a bit happier (not that I’m unhappy mind you). I don’t want to walk along the highway any more – too much plow truck berming to feel safe.

And why am I writing all this? I have begun mulling (pondering/thinking/analyzing/feeling/dissecting) the meaning of home for me.

I also need to create meaning in my life – purpose, if you will. In truth, I know my purpose. My challenge is to find ways to fulfill it.

Something else for me to work on in the new year. I feel optimistic about it all.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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