p1010490_fotor These are scenes from today’s Christmas walk (snowshoe) with the dogs. If you look very closely at pic number two, you might be able to spot a yellow dog wondering why it’s taking so long to catch up to her. (or more likely wondering when we are going to break out the sandwiches).

We drove into the tiny village of Roseberry and snowshoed up the Galena trail for about 1.5 hours – not much but great to get outside and stretch our legs. The puppies loved it too.

We were all spoiled for Christmas. My darling, lovely, loving, genius husband got me lip gloss (for him actually – every time I put some on he kisses it right back off again), body cream, a thermos for winter hiking (!!!), Icebreaker leggings (!!!!) and, best of all, a little book for lists and dates and thoughts and all the stuff that has to be WRITTEN down by PEN and not on a keyboard. So cool. The dogs got salmon laced cheese followed by marrow bones and then their hike. Happy dogs!

I made a special Christmas breakfast – German apple pancake which involves the important Christmas food groups – sugar and butter. We headed out on our snowshoe just as I was coming down from my sugar rush and entering a diabetic coma. Came home and had a nap! Followed by chocolate – yeah, I know how to take good care of my body – body is my temple yadda yadda….

Dinner tonight – a French onion tart loaded with – you guessed it – butter and cheese and cream – yup – health is my primary concern, hence I am using organic flour for the pie crust.

In other news more sobering news, we had a very long talk last night (sugar induced not being able to sleep) about our future. More Simon’s future really. We’ve done so much this last year, it’s crazy. And now, as is so often the case, more changes to come. But where will we head? I don’t know. I have thoughts that have not yet reached the boiling point of being able to write down. But I do sense changes. The one thing I feel most certain about is that Simon must follow his dreams and his passion.

We must all live a life worth living.

Or get rip-roaring drunk, which, I believe, is our aim this evening. I mean, whyever not?p1010491_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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