p1010446_fotor Water!

Yes, we have water. And what a celebration that was! I swear I will never take running water for granted again  – not after experiencing first hand what it’s like to haul bucket after bucket from a very steep hill.

So – last night, quite late – Simon came tearing into the house shouting something almost unintelligible about water. And yes – he opened some sort of valve thingy in the basement and declared that a kind of nuclear reactor fluid was coming out of the pipes (apparently it is this particular combustible stuff that melted the ice in the lines) and he danced and yelled and told me to get dressed and help him do something or other at the reservoir.

As it turns out, all I had to do was hold a light for just a second. I think he was just so delighted and over the top excited that he wanted me there to share it with him – which I completely understand and applaud!

So – back in the house – turning on all the taps to let the air out and the reactor fluid to drain. Then – you know what’s coming – showers! We showered! We washed our hair! We got into bed feeling warm and clean. We could hug without pinching our noses or holding our breaths!


Further celebrations this morning because the water was STILL running. I did four loads of laundry (including the sheets – and yes, I showered again.)

Then, off to Sandon to snowshoe for a few hours. I even celebrated the snow!

The excitement of the day continued non-stop. Simon chopped down a tree and we carried it into the house. I think he is currently getting drunk on French brandy – which he has every right to do. I am going to drink wine. I need to start later – much later because it will take me very, very little to catch up to him.

I photographed the beautiful sunset seen through our windows. I then had a bath! Yes – that’s the third shower/bath in less than 24 hours. I may not be finished for the day!

At any rate, tree decorating time is rapidly approaching to be followed by a game of “drunken Scrabble.” No – this is not Scrabble played while you are drunk (although I think it helps) but a game we invented last night. The rules are rather different and include made-up words that sound good and the ability to steal and move letters around.

We will also continue to make up new rules as we go – at least I will as long as they benefit me.

Happy Solstice!

Tomorrow will be 5 seconds longer than today!p1010448_fotor p1010453_fotor p1010454_fotor p1010456_fotor p1010457_fotor p1010460_fotor p1010462_fotor p1010463_fotor p1010464_fotor p1010466_fotor p1010467_fotor p1010468_fotor
p1010470_fotor p1010471_fotor p1010472_fotor

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