Counting Down

p1010476_fotor Oh my gosh – just a couple of days until Christmas and already today is 5 seconds longer than yesterday – that’s enough reason for me to celebrate.

It’s been a really good day. We went out this morning and snowshoed with the dogs for an hour, shopped, came back and I managed to clean the house and I’ve started the bread going.

I rather like days that are filled with constructive activity. Poor Simon is having a rest – a very well deserved one. He feels guilty when he takes a day off. So do I. Ah that inbred work ethic thingy….

Last night we decorated the tree while drinking brandy (him) and wine (me). Delighted this morning to see we didn’t entirely screw it up. And it’s our own tree, which isn’t even terribly Charlie Brownish – it’s a real tree and I like it like that!

We then played a game of drunken Scrabble – I’ve been wanting to play this for ages. It was the most fun we’ve both had playing a game for some time. We made the rules up as we went but for those following along, let me briefly outline:

First, if it sounds like a word and could plausibly be a word, it’s a word.

If someone puts down a blank and you have the letter it’s supposed to be, you can substitute and pick up the blank.

In fact, if you see a letter on the board that you want, go ahead and trade it for one of yours – as long as yours still makes the word word-ish.

You don’t necessarily have to leave a space between the end of one word and the beginning of another – not if it would mean you missing a good score.

You can barter letters with another player.

And lastly, you can make new rules as you go if they suit your nefarious purposes.

I will include a photo at the bottom of this post of our completed Scrabble board. My favourite word on the board is frootier although I think Zad is also quite good. You can make a lot of 7-letter words played this way.

Tomorrow we are heading up to the top of Red Mountain on our snowshoes, breaking trail all the way I expect. I am so very much looking forward to a nice big snowshoe with Simon. We just haven’t been getting out together very much and I love sharing these experiences with him.

I had yet another shower this morning – just can’t get enough of them. And I feel good today. It’s been a long enough time that I’ve felt really good in my skin that I keep revelling in the feeling. It’s kind of like I feel “normal” – at least what passes for me as normal.

I aim to make this feeling stay.


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One Response to Counting Down

  1. I don’t like Scrabble. But I would love Drunken Scrabble!

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