Coming together

p1010435_fotor Today I got my office back. (photos will come!) I cannot describe how good it feels to be getting things organized! Sometimes you don’t realize how much something means to you until you don’t have it.

And yes – these things are important to me – spaces that are beautiful, organized, functional and livable. Beautiful is important. And I want loose ends tied up – yup – that’s the weirdness of me.

At any rate, while Simon drove to Nelson today to do shopping, I got busy, heaving boxes out to the shed, heaving others back in and moving (lightweight) furniture. I tried one look for the bathroom – changed it again when Simon returned home and gave it a thumbs down. But I think we’ve come to a compromise that will make the space functional. It was badly designed but we are making it work. Actually, once Simon is done with the wainscotting and painting – hanging shelves and pictures, it’s going to be a lovely bathroom.

Back to today – after moving, and unpacking and packing back up and laundry, I cleaned and vacuumed and finally, at noon, got the dogs in the car and drove (DROVE – in winter!) to the Galena Trail. Disclaimer – the drive wasn’t as epic as I pretend it was. It hasn’t snowed in four days and the roads were totally clear and dry.

It was minus 8 and after an hour on the trail, my fingers were frozen once again. Must find a new strategy for staying warm. Then grocery shopping and Iforgot the one thing I really should not have – tea! Simon needs his tea!

So, when Simon got back he had to go back into town for tea. And then he dug through the shed to the very back (which he wasn’t supposed to do on this – his day off) to get my last item for the office – a small printer/filing table. As he said, if I ever needed proof that he loved me….

So – that’s the day. Neither one of us has stopped since getting up. But stuff is getting done.

The one thing I didn’t get done is baking – tomorrow. Yup – Christmas baking tomorrow.p1010436_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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