p1010408_fotorHave you ever had one of those little niggling bits of worry eating away at the back of your mind? And not been able to figure out what it is – or why? Right – I’ve got one of those right now and I hate it.


On the other hand, why bother looking for the source when its probably my entire life right now. Worries? You bet – everything from needing to get to the store tomorrow and maybe not being able to because of the big dump of snow we’re supposed to get to doing Abby’s nails and remembering I forgot to write it down so I might forget. But my biggest worry – since changing my email address my Apple ID is screwed up and I can’t get into the app store to update my apps and I can’t figure it out and now I’m worried that all I have to worry about is a first world problem.


So – today. You probably want to know what’s new in the frozen depths of the West Kootenays. Not much. Snowshoe trip didn’t happen so I walked with the dogs on the Galena Trail and almost froze my fingers off. I will have to trade my gloves for mittens. It was minus nine which is no temperature fit for man or beast and no one should ever be subjected to it.

On the plus side, the sun was shining.

But man – it’s cold here! And we’re going through firewood like a beaver goes through a sapling.

So – back home and once again going up the ladder to crouch under the slanting roof holding and placing pine boards in on the ceiling. This is not my favourite activity. I do NOT like high man-made structures. It’s just a thing. I get serious vertigo. Crouched up there on the at little platform is a big test of my will. So far so good.

Normally, I don’t even like climbing up on a low stool.

Getting lots of writing done. Baking bread, making soup – made a list for tomorrow: laundry, cleaning, shopping. Yeah – my life has descended into domestic hell.

On the other hand, I’m nice and warm – see note above about going through lots of wood.

And – big highlight – last night we moved the dresser back in from the upstairs deck. Our dresser is in the bedroom! My clothes warmed up overnight! I have a full wardrobe again!

These days I’ll take my excitement where I can find it.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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