p1010382_fotor I woke up! (from the couch – ouch!) The sun was out – or at least it was an hour later when it decided to finally make in an appearance. So, after breakfast and a bit of slothing, Abby and I headed for Nelson where we went up Pulpit Mountain to the flagpole – our go-to uppishness. It serves its purpose: stiff elevation gain and moving the body.

I was glad I’d brought my mini crampons. They served me well the second half of the hike when we got into icy snow. The top was close to being a winter wonderland. What a difference it makes to have snow on the ground! So much prettier!

I really get it – why people like snow. And the difference in this part of the world, as opposed to Vancouver Island, is that even though it’s colder (maybe minus five or so at the top), the dry cold feels much warmer than five above. Abby and I sat on a log in the sun having lunch until my fingertips froze, Then we headed back down.

And that’s about it for the day. Making soup, feeling good about getting exercise.

Thoughts while hiking – and these have become recurring over the past few weeks: concerns about how many more good hiking years I have in me. I always have these thoughts going up this trail because, like Vancouver’s Grouse Grind, this one attracts everyone who is on a fitness program and trying to beat their best time. So there I am, hiking up with boots, gaiters, a backpack and poles, while the young men and women in sneakers and T-shirts, zoom past me.

I worry that I am slowing down. And I will. It’s inevitable. I feel a sense of urgency to hike my “must-do” trails as soon as possible. This summer: Robson, Skyline and Waterton. The year after, Switzerland and Italy. And then what? I don’t know. I’ve had many on my “list” including New Zealand’s Great Walks, John Muir and Wonderland on Rainier, which I suspect will all be “no-gos.”

But I am getting more and more of this sense of  wanting to do it now – of making use of this time of health and strength to experience those wonders that will live with me forever.p1010385_fotor p1010386_fotor p1010389_fotor p1010390_fotor p1010391_fotor p1010392_fotor p1010393_fotor p1010397_fotor p1010400_fotor p1010401_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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