Ceilings and floors

p1010375_fotor Given that a picture is worth a thousand words – here you go – five thousand.

Done. End of post.

Okay, maybe not.

So – this is the upstairs: the floor and ceiling, which Simon JUST finished taping. He has also just made the rash promise that when the floor and ceiling are completely done we are going to drink.

I did not argue with him.

You can see that the upstairs bathroom and closet are a tad crowded. Things were going to be much worse this morning with the delivery of the ceiling planks but sanity prevailed when Simon chose to store them outside under a tarp outside. They are 16-feet long. They also have to be stained or varnished or something.

We were also served notice today that Columbia Wireless will provide us with Internet service from 9 – 5. Who knew that the Internet was a union shop that had successfully lobbied for proper office hours?

The notice also asked Columbia Wireless customers to let them know if and when we can see the top of Idaho Peak. This is where the satellite and batteries are located and as long as we have cloud cover the helicopter can’t land there. Looking out the window now (and having been out earlier with the dogs) I don’t hold out great hopes of immediate whirlybird flight. The clouds are low and it is snowing. It is also grey.  Very grey.

I had to haul my butt out today on the trail – supreme mental effort that was worth it because being outside is always better than inside – well, maybe not always….

At any rate, we tried a new trail someone told me about that joins the awesome trail. It looked more and more promising as we walked along – until we hit the logging company caution tape: trail closed, which I ducked under of course, only to find that they really meant it. The clearcut had trees piled six feet high in front of me.

So I am spending the rest of the day inside, writing, cleaning, cooking and probably doing something with the floor later.

And then getting back online at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

p1010376_fotor p1010377_fotor p1010378_fotor p1010379_fotor

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