Cabin Fever

p1010366_fotorThis is my last night at the cabin. I keep the heat turned up pretty high – so I suppose it’s alright to say I have cabin fever – literally.

It has served its purpose but I’ll be glad to be back home. It has felt decidedly weird to see Simon every day and then wave good-bye as I get into the car and drive away. The puppies have thought so too. They (especially Abby) have not been happy with the situation. But most of the very dirty work is done – pulling old insulation, wasps and bat’s nests out of the ceiling etc. – sanding (can you say dust?) and so on. Oh sure, there’s still a ton that needs to be done before we can move our bed back into the bedroom. I’ll be sleeping on the couch and/or on an air mattress and in a sleeping bag) for several nights. We both will be. But we are getting it done.

Tomorrow we’ll be filling in the floor so that the varathane doesn’t drip through. We are hoping that by the end of the week we can move the upstairs back in. On Thursday the home inspector comes. We are bracing ourselves while simultaneously crossing our fingers, toes and eyes.

Here’s my vision (and I am not setting a time line): an upstairs that feels as warm and homey and lovely as the downstairs. A completed upstairs and downstairs bathroom. I think that’s it: when these things are done, the rest is details.

I also desperately need to get out and do some serious hiking. But I am taking a deep breath and understanding the my current priorities are to get this house into shape. I will get out next weekend. This week I devote to work.

Today we drove to Nelson to get stuff to stick into floor cracks (technical term) and something or other that Simon is going to stick into the roof that has something to do with bathroom venting (also a technical term). When I left he was getting ready to do things to the ceiling (technical in nature I believe).

Me? – I am going to write because I am at a new section of my book that I like a lot. Besides, I have to write. The Internet is too slow for surfing and the TV has three channels that don’t work well and I have read all the books on my iPad and can’t download new ones (see slow Internet).

Forced productivity can sometimes be the best motivator of all.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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1 Response to Cabin Fever

  1. The correct technical terms that you were looking for were:
    1) sticky shit
    2) duct-like windy, slinky snaky shit
    3) Jimmy-jive my ass into tight inaccessible rafter/skylight shit
    Depending on the technical application ‘thingy’ can be substituted for shit. I’m a shit guy so this works well for all my applications.
    I hope this clarifies shit/things for your readers,
    Your dusty SIGMan

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