The Cabin


I don’t dare try to upload more than one photo. Can you say slow Internet? Actually, slow would be a misnomer. Let me spark your imagination. Do you remember the days of dial-up Internet? Okay – now imagine that on a very old-fashioned party-line.

Yup – it’s that slow.

I have been trying to simply open this site for the past half hour. Now that I’m here, I am praying that I can actually upload all this. Fingers and toes crossed.

Please, however, do not mistake this for a complaint – just sayin’. After all, it’s still better than no Internet at all. I have other challenges here as well – all of the them tech related. For instance, I have forgotten my Apple ID and password. Can you imagine the fun I’m going to have retrieving and resetting that?

And all of that is what I like to call first world problems considering what Simon has to go through. First, he had to make a gazillion runs to the building supply store today to get all the insulation home because the store’s truck was not available for delivery until Wednesday. Then the scaffolding wouldn’t work and he had to build planks to span the open stairs. Then he couldn’t pull the old insulation through from the outside as he had hoped he could. That meant moving every stick of furniture out of the upstairs and letting the rat poop and possible bodies drop right down around (on?) his head.

Yup – fun and games.

So – maybe I don’t have fast Internet but I have a warm cabin that is quiet and pretty darn clean. I took the dogs for two walks today and I suppose I will spend the rest of the evening writing. Tomorrow a hike to the Flagpole. I need a good, stiff up.

I rather wish I could be more useful for Simon.He is amazing. His love has me in awe – and immense gratitude. I do love him so much. Sitting here, I gain a good deal of perspective not only on this precious relationship we have but also on the home that we are in the process of creating together. I may still have some ambivalence about where we live, but I know for sure that we have already created a warm, inviting, cozy home that is infused with love. It takes more than walls and a roof to make a home. This cabin is a necessary temporary stopping place. It is cold and barren. Home is warm. Home is with Simon. Home is what we have created and what we continue to create every day. It is living, breathing, evolving and always infused with love.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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