Another Awesome Trail

p1010315_fotor Some days are just ordinary. You get up and you do what you have to do: dishes, laundry, shopping, walking the dogs – and they pass and they’re okay. I wish I could make a day more extraordinary. I wake up sometimes thinking, “Today I have ideas. Today I’m going to write something that has substance – that means something – that inspires.

Instead, I go through my day, taking a modicum of pleasure in the simple things. Today I showed Vida the awesome trail and was delighted that she thought it as wow-worthy as I do.

I also took pleasure in bringing her home to our “work in progress” and introducing her to Simon.

And now, on this rather ordinary day, I am probably going to do some writing, some cooking, some reading. And mostly I will still be wondering what happened to Monday. You see, at the breakfast table this morning I asked Simon if today was Tuesday or Wednesday. When he informed me that it was Wednesday, I truly couldn’t figure out what had happened to Monday.

It’s all rather strange. I think aliens may have abducted it.

On this ordinary day I am grateful that Simon and I got so little sleep last night because we held each other and talked and giggled (although he did start talking again after I began to drift off. I did have words with him about that although I believe having words with him didn’t help the situation one bit, considering it was words I wanted less of if you get my meaning.)

Nights like that and moments like that are so important. They are the true intimacy of a relationship. Intimacy thrives in openness, closeness, love, honesty, silliness and simply pulling down the barriers we form in our minds.

I am still learning. Still changing. Still growing. Still becoming. Still seeing challenges up ahead. Still willing to face them.p1010316_fotor p1010317_fotor p1010318_fotor p1010319_fotor p1010320_fotor p1010322_fotor p1010324_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Another Awesome Trail

  1. I know how challenging these past few months have been, Love. After so many years of struggle, you found a place on Vancouver Island that provided solace and contentment and a rhythm that played to your soul and your joys. For 15 years, you hiked and wrote and rolled in a natural flow of homeostasis. Then I came along, took all your plans and broke them. We are in love, but love should never mean sacrificing one’s own journey or happiness for; it should augment it, nurture it, and celebrate it. Although I am committed to my journey I also celebrate and support yours. We are both committed to finding that balance where we can find the true power of our calling and blossom in surroundings that mutually say, “Yes! I am home!”
    Know that if Slocan and this house, this adventure that we are currently on fails to provide that, I am not bound to ‘things’ but to something much greater. Where you go, we go. If you fall, I’ll catch you. If I falter, you are behind me to hold me up. We are in this together, whatever or wherever ‘this’ turns out to be.

  2. goodyniosi says:

    I can only say, “I love you.” What we have is so precious. Clarity is coming. I feel that. But the thing I am most clear about – and always will be – is us.

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