Good News Monday

p1010306_fotorIt’s about as good as Mondays get. Today, a nice degree of abundance came our way in several forms – unexpected savings in our building projects as well as an unexpected gift. Amazing what a difference it makes.

I’ve been accustomed to a feeling of abundance for quite some time and it’s an enormous relief to get some of that back. And I’m determined to hold on to it.

I am also determined to get back into some kind of productive routine. Just for starters, I made a list and ticked everything off first thing this morning. This is in keeping with my way of getting things done: make a list, look it over in the morning and simply check everything off long before it’s done. This has the psychological advantage of making you feel like you’ve already accomplished quite a bit before you’ve done a single thing while simultaneously, committing you to actually doing it in the course of the day. And yes, it works!

Now that we have our building permit, we are proceeding at what seems like breakneck pace. In some sort of way, we were waiting for this. Simon is pick-axing water bars in the driveway – but that’s just a mere twiddle today. The septic guy has been with good news about our system. Simon has priced out and ordered the material we need for the ceiling and on Monday that work is going to begin. We have our permit.

On Monday, I will temporarily move out to a local cabin for a week. Living here just isn’t going to be advisable. But we got a great rate for the week so I’ll just come back and forth during the day to walk dogs etc. Simon will work and sleep on the couch. I expect to get quite a lot of writing done.

Then we can truly put the house together, knowing we can fully inhabit it. By Christmas this should fully feel like a home. And that feels good.
p1010307_fotor p1010310_fotor p1010311_fotor p1010312_fotor

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2 Responses to Good News Monday

  1. Alisa says:

    That’s so nice to hear! I can’t wait for Christmas 🙂

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