The Love Approach

p1010224_fotor Years ago I heard a story about Mother Theresa. She was asked by a group of young people to join an anti-war protest. She declined, saying she would be happy to be part of a pro-rally. Not anti-war, but pro peace.

I don’t know if this story is true. But I do believe that we must be for things – that is the place to put our energy. Today is election day in the United States and from what I have heard and seen, a good deal of this campaign has been about being against things: about people to fear and hate and stand against. There has not been enough love.

There has been some. If I could vote in this election, I would look for the love energy. Who is moving in the direction of love? With love comes a whole lot else. There comes a sense of belonging and wanting to give and contribute. There comes a feeling of hope and a sense of moving forward toward a common good.

I believe that the power of love will always win. At times that doesn’t seem so – but it is and will be true. Love is the gravity of this universe. It pulls us in. It draws us together. We fall into it and through it and become better people. When we embrace love and reach out with love to others, we grow and become better people.

There are forces that don’t want us to feel love. That’s why they create scapegoats and hold up fear as the place for us to go. When we are afraid we are easy to control and the very few who benefit and profit from controlling masses of people are pleased about that – they cultivate our fear.

All we have to do is look at history to know the results of fear. We can’t afford to live in a world dominated by fear. We never could but the need for a world filled with love is more acute than ever before.

I hope our friends to the south go to the polls today and vote with their hearts.

In my own very small way, I am working every day to tap into a wellspring of love. I am not always successful. Today I dedicated my morning to cleaning, scrubbing and disinfecting the downstairs bathroom. I didn’t enjoy it. But I did it because I was doing it for us – and goodness knows, Simon is the one who is doing all the heavy lifting around here. I need to contribute. As I worked on this, with a mask on my face (!!!) I realized that I was absolutely not cut our for physical labour. I am much more suited to telling the serfs what to do. A tiara suits me just fine. However, not being in immediate possession of a crown, I soldiered on until I was done – and then I attacked other areas of the house just for good measure. Hey, when you’re on a roll….

And then, this afternoon, I took the dogs to the awesome trail. The sun was magical on this November day, casting a golden light on the still blue waters and the mountain peaks: such peace and beauty. And my heart filled with love. The restorative beauty of nature. Nature is love. More and more, each day, we need to fall into her gravity.p1010225_fotor p1010228_fotor p1010229_fotor p1010232_fotor p1010235_fotor p1010236_fotor p1010239_fotor p1010240_fotor p1010242_fotor p1010243_fotor p1010244_fotor p1010248_fotor p1010249_fotor p1010250_fotor

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