Valhalla – Evans Beach Trail

p1010159_fotor Today marked the first good, solid full-day hike we’ve done for a while. We’ve been finding our footing on these trails in our new home – discovering them one at a time.

Today was a good one. We drove to Slocan, parked at the bridge and walked into Evans Beach – I think 9 – 10 K in and then back out. A shoreline walk would seem pretty simple. However, that’s if you don’t know about a Valhalla shoreline, which is rough, rocky, cliff-ish and manages to run flat for about six inches. It’s a rollercoaster hike, meaning it’s up in both directions. So, as the locals said, you get quite a bit of elevation gain. (Yay!)

We started off with lovely sun shining through the rising mist. We got to Evans Beach and a really nice camp site for lunch. That’s when it started spitting a tiny bit of rain. As usual, we had pretty good horseshoes. The rain held off until we got back to the car at about 4.30 p.m.

We were tired, the puppies were tired and we felt good – bodies worked and another pretty trail discovered. The trail also has further possibilities of climbing up into the subalpine in Valhalla – more explorations to be done.

Further nice things about getting back to the car – and back home afterwards: chocolate, a hot bubble bath and a fire warming the house.

Yes – a good day. I think that once the upstairs is done and it feels as warm as the downstairs, this place is going to feel a lot more like home.

We’re getting there.

We even managed to fit in a fair bit of snogging on the hike (and afterwards.) I really do have the loveliest man in the world. So lucky to be loved by him.p1010160_fotor p1010161_fotor p1010162_fotor p1010164_fotor p1010167_fotor p1010169_fotor p1010172_fotor p1010174_fotor p1010176_fotor p1010179_fotor p1010180_fotor p1010183_fotor p1010189_fotor p1010190_fotor p1010191_fotor p1010192_fotor

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