Hiking Above Sandon

p1010079_fotor I can sum today up with one word: sun!

Yes, the sun came out. Hurrah! What a difference it makes!

And so I set out with the puppies to Sandon with the intention of doing a section of the K&S trail that leads to Payne Bluff. I might have accomplished this goal had I studied the map rather than giving it a cursory glance. I certainly started in the right place. But about 20 minutes after setting out we hit a crossroads with a sign pointing left to Cody Spur. I looked around – hmmm – do I want to do Cody Spur? It didn’t seem so. Instead, I went up along the other choice. Eventually I had to make another decision: right for Reco Trail and left for Last Chance Trail. The latter looked quite a bit steeper – and who can resist a name like Last Chance.

And so up we went.

And up.

And up.

The trail was relentless. Near what I presumed was the top we crossed a couple of shale slopes with crazy steep drop offs – what fun! (maybe not). We got high enough that we hit snow – the wet and slippery kind. Finally after more than two hours of up (I estimate about 1200 metres) the trail levelled out. I could see it edging around the mountain with the likelihood of it heading downhill from there. In other words – a good place to stop for lunch, especially because we’d hit a sunny slope beside a babbling brook. Good enough!

And so, after a nice lunch shared with the dogs and bathed in mountain views, we headed back down. It was when I hit the Cody trail branch-off that I actually had a good long look at the map, and guess what? The Cody Spur leads to Payne Bluff. And I don’t think that trail has as high an elevation gain. But no matter – a trail to do next time. I think next time will come relatively soon. I have to do it before the snow flies.

I still haven’t found the local trails that make my heart and soul sing. But that’s okay too. Benson and Prevost never made my heart sing but I did them because they were there and hiking is super. So I’m discovering the local hikes I can get to. I strongly suspect the alpine is a summer thing – and that’s true of Vancouver Island as well. At least mostly. We’re still new here and there’s a lot to discover. This weekend – more exploration.

It’s been a good day because it ended with a hot bubble bath and the house is all warm and toasty. Love, love love, our wood stove.

And my beautiful husband who keeps the fire stoked ( in more ways than one) and who does all the work around here to make our house beautiful and habitable and warm.p1010081_fotor p1010083_fotor p1010086_fotor p1010087_fotor p1010088_fotor p1010093_fotor p1010094_fotor p1010096_fotor p1010097_fotor p1010098_fotor p1010099_fotor p1010101_fotor p1010102_fotor p1010103_fotor p1010104_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Hiking Above Sandon

  1. Trish says:

    Goody. What happened to Rattey? You mentioned he was up in the roof somewhere!

    • goodyniosi says:

      Trish – I’m sure he’s up there somewhere. But very very soon all the old insulation is coming out (and ratty with it, I hope) adn new insulation in – and all holes being plugged up. What fun to live in a project! 🙂

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