p1010069_fotor Thanks to Vida Turok, I enjoyed a very different kind of hike today. For three hours we hiked up old mining and logging roads and along trails that followed water pipes – water that flows to the Sandon generating station, which powers our little valley.

It was a damp, misty kind of day – no views of snow-covered peaks, but immensely educational. Vida has only been here since June, but being who she is (awesome and amazing woman!) she has already learned so much and was able to articulate and impart her knowledge. I was, quite frankly, fascinated. And I’m not much of a history buff. And yet, her stories were so interesting – and not just her stories of the old ghost town, but of her journey to arrive in this place.

Leaving in the spring and walking here – all the way form Vancouver Island – tenting along the way. That takes courage and an enviable sense of adventure. I do believe she is going to take Sandon by the throat and shake it up like it hasn’t been shook since the silver rush in the eighteen-hundreds.

All I can say to that is, “You go girl!”

I felt honoured to be in the presence of this strong woman.

She also showed me a trail that will lead me to the top of a mountain ridge. Cool. I checked out the trailhead before heading home and will definitely be walking up that thing in the next few days.

I had a lovely hot bath. I cuddled with my beautiful man, who is, as we speak, heading off to buy beer and wine – hmmmm.

Funny thing – I go along for days at a time, just doing stuff and not thinking too much about anything at all. And then suddenly,a  day like today comes along and I am filled with love and appreciation for this amazing man who is my husband.

Nice feeling – very nice indeed. As they say… “Feeling the love.”
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