You know you’re not looking your best when…

p1010022_fotor You know you’re not looking your best when the plumber takes one look at you and offers to drive you to the medical clinic.

And that was this afternoon when I was beginning to recover just a wee bit.

Oh well.

Stomach still roiling like mad. After having a bite of breakfast and giving the rest to Abby this morning, I ventured a few squares of chocolate later this afternoon. It was a bad idea. How I know it was less than brilliant was that after eating it, I swore I would never ever put chocolate in my mouth again – ever! Yep – that bad.

I will listen to Simon’s advice later today, if I get hungry – which I sincerely doubt. Dry toast. And tea.

That said, I did accomplish a few things today rather badly.

First, I stayed in bed almost all morning – this, by the way, was one of the things I did well. I put up our bath caddy. I may or may not have done this well. Time will tell. I hemmed the curtains with Speed-Sew, a kind of fabric glue. And I thought I’d done it right. Nowhere on the package did it tell you that it would leak through to the other side with dark spots all along the hemming line. I also didn’t get one side completely even. And you know what? I don’t care. It is what it is. I got something done!

Mick (the plumber) came to fix a leak – turned out there was a hairline crack, which he made a bit bigger when he tried to fix it. He needs a new part, which he might get in Silverton, in which case he ought to be back with it any minute. More likely, he has to order it and be back with it Tuesday. This means he has turned the pump off and our water pressure will be low for a few days. No matter.

I quizzed him  on growing things and what grows best here because Mick is also an organic farmer. Turns out, the growing weather here is almost identical to Vancouver Island, except it’s a bit shorter. This didn’t surprise me because we are living in an interior rain forest. The landscape here fells utterly familiar – all the same evergreen trees and vegetation.

At any rate, I also took a few pics of the house so far – getting there. And I took a pic through our kitchen window – nice view!

That’s it then. I have officially run out of steam. I am going to assume that I will feel much better tomorrow. Fingers crossed.p1010023_fotor p1010024_fotor

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