Moving – Day 14 or maybe 414

p1010016_fotor Yes, we took a brief break this morning to walk with the dogs along the Galena Trail – which was rather wonderful. It’s a long one. We could keep going all day. So – a good find. I suspect this one will be particularly awesome come snowshoe weather.

I have a hike lined up for Sunday! Things are looking up! (literally and figuratively)

And so the rest of the day has been spent working our butts off. Simon has been fixing stuff, doing electrical stuff, putting up shelves and – well – a zillion things that need to be done. I have spent most of the day arranging closets and kitchen cabinets and cleaning and – well, stuff.

There’s a reason moving is stressful.

Tomorrow we have to leave very early to get to the airport. And then, I have a list: lampshade, hemming tape, curtain rod (and curtain), bath caddy. And then back home to do more – um – stuff.

But I’m also going to walk with the dogs.

We’re getting there. And because we’ve been so busy, I still haven’t had the time to contemplate this new situation. Even this tiny bit of letting my mind drift is kind of scary. My first thought is that I am out of my mind to be doing this.

My second thought is either no I’m not or – well, I have always been out of my mind so what else is new?

p1010017_fotor p1010018_fotor p1010020_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Moving – Day 14 or maybe 414

  1. wendylangelo says:

    that trail looks gorgeous!

    • goodyniosi says:

      The mountains here are mighty, Wendy. From my bedroom window I look out at the snow covered Valhallas. Still, I’m coming back at least once this summer to do the Augerpoint Traverse. BTW – feel free to visit us any time – really!

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