Moving Part 3

p1000719_fotorRight – there was no blog post yesterday – and no wonder. yesterday there would have been no post even we’d had access to Internet. In other words, it was busy to say the very, very least.

Let’s see now – up at 6.30 and on the road from Hope by 7.30. We drove through rain and then more rain and later, even more rain. At the highest pass, the rain was actually quite thick and had turned mysteriously white at the sides of the highway. Happily, the road was simply wet – no more than that. We drove and drove and drove.

I think we got “home” (soon those quotation marks will disappear) at about 4 p.m. And that’s when the real work began. Simon unloaded most of the truck. I simply attacked each box as it came into the house. How is it possible for two people to own so much “stuff” even after making multiple runs to the recycling exchange and the landfill and having a garage sale and living a minimalist philosophy?

At any rate, we worked and worked. At about 8.30 we stopped to eat: cereal and PB and J.

Back to work. At about midnight we fell into bed exhausted, the good news being that we had a bed! We also had a bathroom (mostly) and even a couch to sit on!

We were up again at 6 this morning and back to working in very short order. So – here we are: end of day. We emptied the truck and took it back to Nelson. Essentially we’ve been doing nothing but unpacking all day – except for the fact that Simon has had to repair a washing machine, do something technical and highly complicated with our water filtration system and create an Internet hotspot for us. The fact is, Simon is a genius at figuring things out and fixing them. I am in total awe.

I’ve just been wandering around putting things in cupboards and on shelves and periodically, into the washing machine. (Simon has been doing 90 percent of the laundry today – not me)

We did get an amazing amount accomplished today. However, at about 6.30 or so, I suddenly realized that I neededĀ something – I simply could not go on. I also had a pretty good idea of what I needed and when I mentioned my needs to Simon, what did he do? Well, this awesome man took care of them. Yes he did. He disappeared and came back fifteen minutes later with a bottle of Merlot.

Half a glass and suddenly I was right as rain. I spent the next hour blithely wandering up and down the stairs, gazing lovingly at pot holders, mixing bowls and lampshades with a complete lack of stress and not really caring too much where they all ended up. Yes, it’s possible that there’s a lampshade in the pantry – what the heck!

Tomorrow I hope to whip the house into pretty darn good shape and then, bit by bit, begin to pick up my life – that means hiking again or even just taking long walks with the dogs. It also means Scrabble with my love! And cuddles. And discovering this new life we have embarked upon.

About goodyniosi

Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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