Mount Baldy – farewell hike

p1000986_fotor I was hoping for something grand as a farewell hike to Vancouver Island – Moriarty or Cokely or even the big round trip of Benson. As it turned out, Baldy at Lake Cowichan was perfect.

The day was sunny and warm and Penny led the way down the other side after the top to a beautiful sun-drenched meadow with the best views on the mountain. There we sat and enjoyed our lunch break before heading back up and then down to our cars.

And so, I’ve also had my traditional bubble bath after the hike and. And now, an evening of relaxing before tomorrow’s mayhem of packing the kitchen, going to the recycling depot, the landfill and the Access Centre – yes, I am going to complete it all and then meet Pat and Jim for dinner.


I find myself worrying now about an awful lot of things: lack of winter tires on U-Haul trucks for one. Driving in snow over the passes – that’s another. I made the mistake of listening to weather reports on my drive home today: three storms moving in in the next four days! Three! Okay – deep breath. And then there are all the little things – so much to get done.

Of course, I will get it all done.

And then – last hike today and I have a huge lump in my throat. I haven’t even considered yet the people I am leaving behind – just the places. And the freedom I have to access those places.

Happily, the people I love to hike with are going to come out to hike with me in my new mountains – and those new mountains are amazing!

The best news is that Simon is leaving early to come here in hopes that we can beat some of the weather. No matter – we will be together. That’s what counts.

Tomorrow I will roll up my proverbial sleeves – literally and figuratively. Motto for the next day or two: “git ‘er done!”

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