Gratitude and other emotions

p1000969_fotor In my single days (only just barely in the past), I tended to ignore family holidays. It was best that way – stopped me from feeling sorry for myself. So, at Thanksgiving, Easter and particularly, Christmas, I hiked. This worked very well for me because hiking makes me happy.

And because Thanksgiving is a time we are “supposed” to be grateful, I have always tended to automatically start listing things I am grateful for. And, although I find myself alone again this year, I ran through my mental list – and found oh so much gratitude.

First, I am intensely grateful that today was a warm, sunny, beautiful autumn day and that I have already accomplished so much: the farmer’s market: fresh greens and chanterelles for dinner! Yum! Picking up more boxes and packing paper – and yes, I have actually started packing! I am grateful for the super walk Abby and I took on the Cable Bay trail. I felt strong and full of energy!

I am baking bread! The sponge is rising. Yes – I am exceptionally grateful that I know how to bake bread and that I love doing it. I loved doing laundry this morning. I am truly thankful for all the little things. I have shelter, food and clothing. I don’t take these things for granted.

Most of all, I am grateful for Simon. I have this beautiful man in my life. I have love in my life. Love surrounds me and washes through me every day. I am immersed in it – steeped in it. I am grateful that Simon has a wonderful, amazing daughter who I love to pieces. I am part of something that is bigger than me.

I am grateful that I am growing in this place. I still have so much to learn – I have not yet fully expanded into the vastness of this love.

I am on a journey of discovery – and really – it has only just begun.p1000971_fotor p1000972_fotor p1000973_fotor p1000974_fotor p1000975_fotor p1000976_fotor p1000977_fotor p1000978_fotor

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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